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The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation (January 2011) for mothers worldwide is to exclusively breastfeed infants for the child’s first 6 months in order to achieve optimal growth development and health. This is supported by the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

According to the latest infant feeding survey published in June 2011, the proportion of new mothers who start breast feeding their babies has risen in the past five years from 76%t to 81% across the UK. Four fifths of new mothers plan to breastfeed.  However, there has been a steep drop in the numbers continuing to breast feed. Every year more than 200,000 mothers stop breastfeeding in the first few days and weeks. 90% of these mothers would have liked to continue. Previous surveys have found that mothers had to stop breastfeeding before they wanted to because they did not get the help and support they needed.

Breast feeding is not always easy especially if you have experienced a long labour and difficult delivery. Exhaustion, sore nipples and painful breasts can easily deter you from continuing with breast feeding.

HV’s have had extensive training and experience with supporting and advising on all aspects of breast feeding. Support may include positioning and attachment plus tips on signs that your baby is feeding well and giving you the confidence to know that your baby is getting enough milk. There are many other top tips that can be shared as to support you with your decision to breast feed.

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