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Developmental Reviews


During 2009, the Department of Health produced a document entitled “The Healthy Child Programme” which recommended that all babies between 9 months and one year should have their physical, emotional and social needs in the context of their family assessed.  A further review is also recommended between two to two-and-a-half-years.

Priority topics which will be discussed at the two year review will be your child’s :

•    Nutrition, active play and obesity prevention
•    Immunisation
•    Personal, social and emotional development
•    Speech, language and communication
•    Injury prevention

Both reviews give parents the opportunity to talk about any concerns you may have about your child’s health.

Each review will take approximately an hour plus some further time discussing parental health.

It is recognised that the world is changing ; 57% of mothers of under-fives are at work; 40% of two year olds are in early year settings. If this applies to you and taking time off work is difficult, then with parental consent, your child’s review can be carried out wherever they may be whilst you are working. A written report can then be compiled and sent to you, offering you the chance to discuss any concerns when it’s more convenient for you.