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Emotional Wellbeing


Being a parent can be overwhelming at times. Research from the Medical Research Council and University College London (UCL) found that one in seven mothers and one in twenty eight fathers experienced depression in their child’s first year. This can be due to exhaustion, grappling with new skills, plus the adjustment of moving from being a couple to becoming parents can test the most solid of relationships.

Although having a baby is a joyous milestone in your life, yet no matter how happy you are, the exhaustion and responsibility of caring for a newborn can play havoc with your relationship. The good news is that conflicts can usually be resolved. As your confidence in parenting grows, relationship stress will fade.

If you feel you are struggling emotionally and not sure where to turn to, your HV has the professional skills to help you through this difficult time.

Each HV visit will be the minimum of one hour, or longer if you so wish. If you have completed the Edinburgh Post Natal Scale (EPNS) and have scored more than 13, this may indicate you are suffering from post natal depression. Your HV may decide it would be useful to repeat the test after 2 weeks.

Depending on how you are feeling and or how you scored with the EPNS, will depend on how many visits you and your HV decide will be beneficial. Research has shown that most mothers benefit from 6 listening visits before a review.

If it is assessed that you are depressed, with your permission, your GP and NHS health visitor will be informed. If necessary, you can be referred to more specialised counsellors.

This package also includes the cost of telephone calls and emails (see terms and conditions). The number of visits required will be determined at the initial visit.