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First Day Home from Hospital


This visit is specifically designed for parents who feel they may need more support than their midwife can offer. You may wish to have the visit anytime within the first 48 hours of your discharge from hospital, but the timing will be entirely up to you. The most common reason for this visit is for support with feeding. You may have decided to breast feed your baby so positioning and attachment will be an important factor at this stage. However, you may decide that for your own personal reasons that you will feel more comfortable with formula feeding. If this is the case, you will be shown how to safely make up and store formula milk feeds plus advice regarding the importance of sterilisation.
Other features include a demonstration of how to bath your baby, and general tips on settling a newborn.
It is recommended that this visit should last at least 3 hours but depending on your needs this can be increased accordingly.
The price of this package includes telephone calls and emails for  1 week post visit (within the stated hours as detailed in terms and conditions).