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Post Natal Packages


A Post Natal package consists of 6 weekly visits from when your baby is two weeks old until their eighth week. Each visit will be at least one hour long. The length of the first visit will depend on whether you have already met your private HV during the ante-natal period.

Potential areas of discussion during the New Birth Visit include:
•    The mother’s health including details of the labour and delivery
•    Partner’s health including adaptation to becoming a parent
•    Siblings - if you already have older children
•    The baby – if your baby is awake, they can be weighed and a top-to-toe check  completed which will include recording head circumference. You will be asked how the feeding is going and deal with any concerns you may have. The immunisation schedule will be outlined and you will be given any leaflets you may wish to read about the subject. As with all visits, details of the visit will be recorded in your baby’s red Personal Child Health Record which your NHS health visitor should have already given to you.

Post Natal follow-up visits will be performed weekly until the eighth week.

Included in the cost of this package are telephone calls (within the stated hours as detailed in terms and conditions) and emails that you may wish to make to your health visitor during the 6 week period.