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Sleep Consultancy

 Y1Sleep, or the lack of it, is probably one of the most commonly talked about subjects amongst parents with young children.

When you first become a parent you are often told to expect sleepless nights with your newborn baby. What happens if your baby continues to regularly wake at night well past their 6 month birthday?  Perhaps your perfect toddler during the day takes on the qualities of a devil at bedtime?

Children need to have the ability to fall, and stay asleep on their own. If your child is older than 6 months and continues to be very unsettled at bedtime or during the night, contact Jill who will be able to offer you a tailor made approach to have your baby or child sleeping normally again within 4-6 weeks.

Some of the most common sleep problems young children may experience include:

  • Poor bedtime routine leading to bedtime battles
  • Keep coming downstairs after being tucked in
  • Falling asleep whilst being fed
  • Regularly waking for night feeds
  • Will only go to sleep if certain conditions are met such as rocking, falling asleep on the sofa, or in your bed.
  • Constantly waking in the night and calling out
  • Staying awake for long periods during the night
  • Regularly geting into the parental bed at night
  • Early rising – waking up very early several times a week

Why sleep is so important.

  • Sleep is important for all of us as it enables us to optimise our physical and mental performance.
  • Without sleep we can soon become anxious, which in some cases this can lead to depression.
  • Less anxiety will help you function better at home and work. Relationships with your partner and children will improve.
  • More sleep means a brighter and happier child with improved behaviour.
  • Your child will become more mentally alert.
  • A consistently good sleep pattern will also boost your child’s immune system whilst at the same time aid their psychological and physical development.

What you should do next.

Call 07918100674 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss your concerns.

Jill will then send a sleep diary for you to fill in. When you have completed the dairy, a home visit, or telephone consultation will be arranged to complete a detailed questionnaire. Once these steps have been completed, both documents will be reviewed. Jill will then follow up by either a further home visit, telephone or email consultation to discuss your individual sleep programme to restore a regular sleep routine.

During the first week you will either receive telephone or email support. The choice will be yours. A second consultation will then be offered either at home or by telephone 1-2 weeks later. This will depend on progress so far. If required a further review consultation can also be offered. You will also be able to telephone or email Jill for advice anytime between 8am until 10pm for the duration of the package which is usually a maximum of 6 weeks.

Home visits can only be offered if you live within 20 miles of central Norwich. If do not live within this area, then consultations can easily be carried out either by telephone or email, making expert sleep consultations available to anyone wherever you live.