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" He slept the whole night from 7pm to 6am. Can't believe it. So happy!"


Olivia, Aaron, and Teddy (9 months)


Sleep Package (night 2)

March 2019




" Thanks so much for your call last night. I think we both feel relieved to have spoken to someone who can give us direction and support. It amazes me that we didn't consider it before, there should be more health visitors with your brilliant advice"


Anni, Jack, and Isla (2 years)


Telephone Consultation

January 2019




" She slept all night" !


Alice, Krishna, and Amber (18 months)


Sleep Package (night 2)

November 2018






" I contacted jill as a last resort, my 28 month old had never been a great sleeper but since the birth of my second baby it had reached new levels. He would wake up to 4 times a night, wouldn’t go to sleep on his own and would end up in the parental bed most nights. We would spend hours every week laying with him to get him to sleep, my other half worked nights so when I had to contend with 2 children waking in the night I decided something had to be done. I contacted jill and she came back to me the same day. I completed a sleep diary and a questionnaire about my son and then she came to visit me in my home, I knew instantly she was the right lady for the job, she was warm, welcoming and most of all didn’t make me feel like I was failing as a parent. She spent over 2 hours with me discussing my son’s routine and what we needed to change, she then went away and e-mailed me an plan of action for the first week. I asked jill how long she thought it would take to see results and she said not to expect results over night but that we would be able to make good progress within 3 weeks, this was music to my ears, Within a few days my son had started sleeping a lot better but still waking in the night, after persevering with getting my son to nap we finally cracked it! 10 days into a 2 month programme my son started sleeping through the night I couldn’t believe it! We honestly cannot believe how our lives have changed in such a short period of time, we now tuck my son up in bed, read him a story, kiss him and say goodnight, he takes himself off to sleep with no problems and over 2 weeks later hasn’t woken once in the night, as a family we are all far less stressed, well rested and happier than we have been since my son has been born! Without a doubt the best money I have ever spent and to top it all off jill only accepted half the money we had agreed as we had resolved the problem so quickly. Jill is like a real life fairy god-mother, my only wish is I had found her sooner! I cannot thank her enough" 



April 2018



"I first met Jill when I was working as a solicitor with her on a contract. Even though we had only worked together a short time, when she found out I was pregnant and about to go on maternity leave she said she be happy to give me any advice should I need it. And I did! And she did! I have found Jill to be kind, respectful and very patient especially when I have asked her lots of ridiculous questions. Jill was also extremely supportive when I realised I couldn't breast feed and had to switch to formula feeding and provided a wealth of information and advice. I would recommend Jill to any new mum".

Cambridge, UK & Melbourne, Australia
Email Package
March 2014



"My name is Chloe, I’m 29 years old and I am a registered nurse working for the NHS. Before and after I gave birth in February 2011, I received fantastic support and advice from Jill both practically and emotionally. It was refreshing to deal with serious topics with a touch of humour mixed in! Jill is an extremely approachable professional who always made me feel relaxed. I was able to talk frankly about any concerns or anxieties I had and Jill would instantly put my mind at rest. It was great to be able to talk to someone with such a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. I don’t think I would have felt as confident as a new first time mum without Jill’s guidance and encouragement".



October 2012




"Jill has been my health visitor since the birth of my first child in 2004. Jill has been the most incredible support to my family since then. My second child was a particularly difficult baby, but the advice I received from Jill through home visits, phone calls and clinic trips helped both me and my husband through a very trying time.
I began to feel extremely down during my third pregnancy. Jill was quick to pick up on how I was feeling and offered extra support during and after pregnancy. Jill would always listen to any worries I had and her words of advice and encouragement were always very reassuring and helpful.
Jill has continued to support my family during some very tough times including bereavement, redundancy and a surprise 4th pregnancy, going out of her way to ensure our emotional well being.
Jill is an amazing health visitor; incredibly professional but always friendly and easy to talk to, and an absolute expert in her line of work. I am very grateful and lucky to have had Jill as my health visitor and would not hesitate to recommend her to others".

October 2012



"The advice, time and care extended by Jill towards my family has been greatly appreciated. Jill's generous personal attention and hugely insightful experience has ensured that we are now more confident in managing the many ever-changing needs of our baby daughter. Having Jill's assistance has been very reassuring and it has been wonderful to know that we have the very personal one to one care of a highly experienced midwife and health visitor to call upon. I would recommend Jill's services to any parents of young babies".

Email package
August 2012



"Jill was my health visitor when I became a mum for the first time at the beginning of 2011. At this time, I wasn’t entirely clear as to what the role of the health visitor was, I just knew that I was exhausted and in need of a great deal of support and advice.

From the very first day that Jill arrived on my doorstep and introduced herself as my health visitor, the support and advice that she has provided has been amazing.

Jill took a great deal of time to listen to my concerns and anxieties and always responded with extremely professional and sensible advice.

It wasn’t until I got out and started to talk to other new mums about their experiences with health visitors that I realised how lucky I was to have Jill as my health visitor. Other mums talked about their health visitors rushing in, asking questions and then rushing off to their next call. I never experienced this. Each time Jill came to visit me she stayed for as long as I needed her to and I felt like I was her most important patient!

Throughout the past year, I have continued to go to Jill for advice and support on a whole range of issues including feeding and sleeping. Each time Jill has provided the best possible practical and usually very simple advice which has always worked!

Jill has just completed my daughter Rose’s one year developmental review and I will certainly continue to use her service for as long as I need to. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to new parents".




January 2012



"I, Sarah, husband Adam and baby Miles live in a small Caribbean island called Utila off the coast of Honduras. We both work in the Scuba diving industry and love the relaxed lifestyle that we live in the sun.

We have no hospitals or midwives on Utila so we were obviously very nervous as our delivery date was nearing. In the end we decided to go to the mainland a week early just to be on the safe side. Good job we did as the next day Miles decided to make an early appearance. If we had stayed on an extra day we would have missed the last ferry and would have had to charter a private plane!

I ended up having to have a c-section which is a very common occurrence for expats; c-sections cost more money! It certainly was an interesting experience, and not one I would like to repeat, as my Spanish is very basic and none of the nurses spoke English.

We were discharged 3 days later and headed home by taxi, ferry and tuk tuk. I really struggled through for the first few days at home. Miles was my first baby and there was no help from midwifes, health visitors and my parents were still in England. We were all alone, but we coped. I had been advised to take paracetamol for pain relief but this didn’t even touch the pain, I wasn’t sure if I could take anything stronger so I didn’t.

This was when we were advised by my father to contact Jill. And my word what a God send she has been. Both myself and Adam are so grateful for all the advice and support that Jill has given us, even when we were emailing with the most ridiculous questions she was always there to reassure us. I do seem to remember emailing to ask if Miles sleeping through the night was ok!

I also struggled with breastfeeding, Miles was given a bottle in the hospital and they kept taking him from me at food times, this is the norm here so he then really struggled to get used to the breast. I didn’t even get to hold my baby until he was 4 hours old!

I so wanted to breastfeed and was disappointed that in the end we couldn’t, we managed about 6 weeks. But in the end what was best for my baby was the main thing that mattered. I do think that is we had had Jill closer than just contact by email we would have managed to succeed".

Sarah, Adam and Miles
Utila, Honduras
Email package
August 2011